Hotels & Tourist Destinations in El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country, but for the tourist there is a lot to do. Here you can find hotels, tour operators and tourist destinations all over El Salvador.

Hotel in San Salvador

Hotels in San Salvador

San Salvador has all kinds of hotels and hostels.

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Beach Hotels in El Salvador

Beach Hotels in El Salvador

Just stroll on the beaches, soak up the sun or surf the waves.

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Beach rental properties in El Salvador

Beach Rental Properties in El Salvador

Relax by the pool, stroll on the beaches, or surf the waves.

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Lodge in El Salvador

Hotels in the Interior of El Salvador

Explore El Salvador's smaller cities enjoying its diversity, lakes, volcanoes and valleys.

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Cabin in Mountains

Mountain Hotels and Cabins in El Salvador

Hike in the mountains and breathe fresh air as you enjoy the amazing views.

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Tour in El Salvador

What to do in El Salvador

Need help to plan your tour in El Salvador?

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Tourist Destinations in El Salvador

Explore San Salvador with its museums, shopping malls, restaurants and night life. On the coast you will find beaches and mangrove swamps with crocodiles. In the mountain you can hike and breathe the fresh air.

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Articles about El Salvador

Get to know El Salvador and its customs in these interesting articles ►

Before You Go

There are things that you need to know before taking off on your vacation, here you can find some useful data on El Salvador ►