Cities and Towns in El Salvador

Thumbnail: Ahuachapán
Ahuachapan is known for its colonial church and the geothermal energy production.
Thumbnail: Alegría
The small city of Alegria is known for the coffee, ornamental plants and the lagoon.
Thumbnail: Antiguo Cuscatlán
The city Antiguo Cuscatlan is the gate to San Salvador.
Thumbnail: Apaneca
Apaneca is a picturesque and cold mountain town, 1,477 meters above sea level.
Thumbnail: Armenia
Armenia is famous for its artisan bricks.
Thumbnail: Citalá
Citala is located in the department of Chalatenango at the border with Honduras.
Thumbnail: Concepción de Ataco
Ataco offers the peacefulness of the mountains and colorful weavings.
Thumbnail: Guatajiagua
The artisans of Guatajiagua makes a special black ceramic.
Thumbnail: Ilobasco
Ilobasco is famous for its ceramic, especially miniatures and the very special Surprises
Thumbnail: Izalco
Izalco a city with indigenous roots since 1054.
Thumbnail: Jayaque
The city of Jayaque is a place to relax and enjoy nature.
Thumbnail: Jiquilisco
In Jiquilisco you can observe sea turtles lay their eggs.
Thumbnail: Juayúa
Juayua is most known for its gastronomical festivals each weekend.
Thumbnail: La Libertad
La Libertad has great waves for surfing and delicious seafood.
Thumbnail: La Palma
La Palma is famous for its woodwork and designs in art Naif.
Thumbnail: Los Planes de Renderos
Los Planes de Renderos is the best place to get a view of San Salvador and to eat...
Thumbnail: Nahuizalco
Nahuizalco is a town with indigenous customs, famous for its handicrafts.
Thumbnail: Nejapa
The main attraction of Nejapa is the festival of the Fire Balls.
Thumbnail: Panchimalco
The colonial city of Panchimalco is doing an excellent job in rescuing the traditions...
Thumbnail: Perquín
Perquin known for its museum is surrounded by pristine rivers, and mountains.
Thumbnail: San Miguel
San Miguel is the third most important city of El Salvador.
Thumbnail: San Salvador
San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador.
Thumbnail: Santa Ana
Santa Ana is the second most important city of El Salvador.
Thumbnail: Suchitoto
In Suchitoto you can appreciate the view of the Lake Suchitlan; there are good hotels...
Thumbnail: Tacuba
Tacuba is still home to some indigenous people, holders of cultural traditions.
Thumbnail: Apastepeque
In Apastepeque you can see prehistoric fossils and try candy from sugar cane.
Thumbnail: Cacaopera
Cacaopera is a small town in the department of Morazan located in the valley of the...
Thumbnail: Ciudad Arce
The archaeological site of San Andres is located in Ciudad Arce.
Thumbnail: Metapán
Near Metapan you will find Montecristo the only cloud forest in El Salvador.
Thumbnail: Puerto El Triunfo
From Puerto El Triunfo you can go to the islands of the Bay of Jiquilisco.
Thumbnail: San Francisco Menéndez
In San Francisco Menendez you will find the National Park El Imposible.
Thumbnail: San Ignacio
Tourist attractions in San Ignacio are: El Peñón de Cayaguanca, El Pital and Piedra...