Concepción de Ataco

Concepcion de Ataco is located at 105 km west of San Salvador, in the department of Ahuachapán. The town offers the peacefulness of the mountains, surrounded by hills and offers beautiful sightings.

Locals elaborate colorful weavings in traditional pedal weaving machines and musical instruments. Many artisans still subsist from their products along the 2nd South Avenue - in Barrio el Centro.

Ataco in Nahuat means "place of elevated water springs". The population is direct descendant of pre-Columbian and the city was founded by Pipiles in the heart of the Apaneca mountain range. Some of the handcrafts you can find in Ataco are: knits, carpentry, ebonite, and tins.

Ataco celebrates its patron saint festivities December 11 - 15 in honor of the Virgin of the Inmaculate Conception.

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