Apastepeque is located at 6 km North West from the city of San Vicente and at 58 km from San Salvador; at 590 m. above sea level.

Some of the most important touristic sites of Apastepeque include: "La Barranca del Zisimico", where some prehistoric fossils have been discovered, the lagoon of "Apastepeque" and "Ciega".

Apastepeque is a small pre-Columbian town founded by pipiles and its name means "Cerro de los Alabastros". In some old texts the town is referred to as Santiago Apastepeque. Apastepeque became a city in 1916.

Every year a fair "Ee la Panela" is held where people make all sorts of candies and related products from sugar cane.

Local business:

Water park: Parque Acu├ítico Laguna de Apastepeque ►

Floating dock, swimming pools, green lagoon, typical food

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