The city of Jayaque is located in the department of La Libertad, 42 km west of San Salvador.

Jayaque celebrates its patron saint festivities from 22 to 25 of July in honor of the "Cumpas or Compadres" (Godfathers). Jayaque is one of the last places where these kind of ritual-dances and colorful celebrations are held. During the celebration people drink "Chicha" a popular alcoholic drink made from fermented corn; forbidden in El Salvador except for Jayaque or Panchimalco.

Much coffee and grains are produced in the surroundings of the city.

Around Jayaque you'll see many houses from the beginning of the XX century, made of tin sheets and wood. The "finca" houses remain the same as if time had stood still, transforming them into comfortable places to rest and enjoy nature. During a walk you can also enjoy butterfly and bird watching and the view of the San Andres valley.

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