The Worship of Corn in El Salvador

The origin of the corn plant is still nowadays a mystery but its history can be traced more than 4,700 back in time.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus returned from a trip to Cuba, when his men informed him of the existence of a plant of dry grains which taste like flour and called "maiz" by the locals. The Spanish conquerors did not realize that corn was more precious than gold to the indigenous people, since it was their main food.

As time went by these corn plants were found all throughout the American continent from Canada to Chile. Spanish conquerors did not realize back then that this plant was even more precious than gold to the people, since it served as their main food.

Currently, there is not one country in the continent that does not cultivate corn and even countries in Asia have started to do so.

Every year during the second or third week of August Corn festivals are held; to thank the gods for the harvest - jut like our ancestors used to do. During the festival hundreds of meals from corn are made, among others: pupusas, riguas, tamales, atoles, etc.

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